Today we are going to share with you the basic steps to removing your old bathroom sink. If you do not feel confident to do this yourself, you should hire a local plumber to do this for you as it can be quite fiddly.

Before you begin removing an old bathroom sink you need to ensure that your water is turned off. This helps to keep your water pressure at the correct level. As well as stopping any major leakages occurring when the sink is removed.

Once the water is turned off you will need to disconnect the taps for the water supply. This can become quite messy, so you will need to have a towel at the ready to catch any potential water droplets.

You will then need to remove the drain from its supply. This will be a simple nut which needs loosening to be removed.

Once these steps are followed it should be fairly easy to pull the sink away from the wall. Completing the process of removing a sink.

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