There are many routes you can take to become a plumber. Today, we are going to share with you three of the main routes you can take to become a successful plumber.

One of the most popular routes you can take to become a plumber is doing an apprenticeship. This involves working and learning on the job. You will be hired by a company to complete work, where they will train you, whilst still requiring you to study. By doing an apprenticeship you will be paid for your training which is an amazing bonus. You will be learning the trade whilst earning yourself some money. It will only be minimum wage but it is better than nothing.

Work Alongside A Friend
If you know anyone who is a plumber you can speak to them and ask if they would be able to offer you any work experience. This will work the same as an apprenticeship but you may not be paid for your work. You will, however, be working with someone you know, and still gaining experience while working. You will also not be required to study whilst working as it

Join As A Trainee
If you know that plumbing is the career you want to pursue, you may have to opportunity to join a company as a trainee. This means you will work with them full time learning the trade. They will pay you a full-time wage whilst you are working with them. However, they would hope that you stay with the company as they have trained you.

These are the three main routes you can take to start your career in the plumbing trade. There is an option out there for everyone, to help everyone join their dream career.

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