A plumber is one of the many handyman jobs around that people can choose to involve themself in. Whether you want to become a plumber or hire a plumber, it is important to have a true understanding of what they do. Helping everyone to understand what they will be doing, or what they are paying for somebody else to do.

So, what is the main role of a plumber?

The main role of a plumber is fairly simple. They complete work with anything to do with your plumbing and water. So, this includes fitting and fixing pipes, fixing any leakages or blockages, sorting radiators, and the least favourite job of them all anything to do with toilets!

If you have any minor issues, it is likely that you do not need to hire a plumber and these can be fixed yourself, we have discussed these issues previously. But some issues will require a plumbers expertise to solve the issue and prevent it from reoccurring.

When hiring a plumber, what are you actually paying for?

If you have ever considered or needed to hire a plumber, you have likely wondered what you are actually paying for. With some plumbers being fairly expensive to hire, even for the simplest of tasks.

Well, when you are hiring a plumber, you are hiring them and their expertise. They will need to come out to identify what the issue is. They will need to source any equipment and materials they need to fix the issue or for your installation. Finally, there will be the time that they are spending at your property installing or fixing your issue. So, for plumbers, they are not only working with you when you see them, but they are also working away from your home, and you will need to provide them with money for the cost of materials, this is normally included in the overall price.

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