So, you have taken the leap and have decided to have a smart meter installed in your home. Here is what you can expect from the smart meter installation process.

The process of fitting a smart meter is fairly simple for those who know how to do it. When hiring a technician they should be able to have your smart meter install in your home within 1.5 to 2 hours. If there is something unusual about your home this process can take slightly longer than normal. You must let the company know as much information as you can before they come to install your smart meter.

When the day of installation comes this is nothing to worry about. The electrician will conduct a visual examination of your property. Ensuring that it is safe for them to carry out the work they need to. They will make sure all of your electricity is working as it should be. Once all checks are complete they will get to work fitting your new smart meter.

Following on from this, once the smart meter is fitted they will complete the same check as before. Ensuring everything is still working correctly and as it should be. They will fix any issue for you that may have occurred during their time working.

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