When it comes to your heating and hot water, they are both important services which are expensive to repair and therefore a service plan should be considered to spread the cost.

Having a Service Plan to cover your boiler and heating system will ensure your boilers health is maintained.  

Some service plans will cover things such as boilers, burst pipes, drain issues, your toilet system and even valves on a dripping tap.  Depending on the type of plan you opt for the prices range accordingly.  

Some homeowners opt for a yearly service plan.  This type of service plan is a yearly plan to service your boiler and heating system.  These plans will check for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks, checking the gas rate and undertake pressure tests aswell as the visual inspection of water and gas pipes and seals.  Boiler parts will also be inspected, cleaned or replaced if required.

Yearly service plans options can be cheaper monthly, however they many not include costs for parts or labour should a problem arise.

Higher specification service plans usually include parts and labour costs, as well as call out fees and emergency call outs.  These plans are more expensive monthly, however for older boilers that are more likely to fail these plans can prove more cost effective, especially with discontinued  boiler parts becoming harder to find.  

When considering  service plan options, look into all the options, price plans, monthly or yearly cost of each plan, along with the importance to you for the heating and water to be fixed and working quickly should the boiler fail.  

Boiler failure can happen to any boiler at any age.  The winter months when the boiler is working its hardest is a time when they can break down and be most needed for warmth.  Servicing a boiler is therefore essential for the health of your boiler.

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