We have discussed smart meters a lot on our blog recently, that is for one reason only… we are getting so many questions about them! Including whether or not they are truly worth the money. So, that is what we are going to discuss today, are smart meters really worth the money?

From a non-biased point of view, we do find that smart meters are worth the money. But, this depends highly on your family and how proactive you are going to be.

It is all good installing a new smart meter in your home, so you can keep track of what you are spending each month or your gas and electricity bills. But, we can not guarantee that they will save you money! If you are just watching the numbers tick up, this is not going to save you money! But if you are going to be proactive, you are going to see the numbers increasing and think about how you can change your ways to make them lower, then yes. A smart meter is worth the money but only when you are going to be proactive in making the change yourself!

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